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EBC Brakes S9 Rear Brake Kit Yellowstuff Pads and USR Rotors Subaru STI 2005-2007 (S9KR1354)

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Here, you are looking at the EBC S9 Brake Kit. this kit includes a set of EBC Yellowstuff Pads that are combined with EBC's Slotted Rotors that can handle both street and track duty. That being said if you like to occasionally track your daily driver or enjoy the occasional spirited drive, then this package will be very fitting for your application.



  • Rear location
  • Ideal for street and track duty
  • Includes a pair of rotors with a set of pads for the rotors


  • Designed to be the ultimate street and track pad
  • Features a high-friction formula that improves braking efficiency by 30%
  • Zero brake fade
  • Designed to handle repeated heavy brake use without brake "fall off"
  • Does not require any warm-up sessions
  • ECE R 90 approved


  • Ideal for track days or spirited driving
  • Slots on the rotor will expel brake residue and hot gases 
  • Slots promote faster cooling and will wipe the surface of the rotor clean for optimal contact between the pad and the rotor
  • Reduced brake fade at speed
  • Narrow profile slot pattern
  • Coated with a black zinc finish