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EBC Brakes S7 Front Brake Kit Orangestuff Pads and BSD Rotors Subaru STI 2005-2017 (S7KF1009)

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This is the EBC Brakes Stage 7 Front Brake Kit that includes a set of BSD Series Sport V-Slotted Front Brake Rotors, and a set of Orangestuff Front Rear Brake Pads. This is an aggressive braking package designed for track dedicated vehicles to provide optimum braking performance without having to resort to a larger big brake kit.

The EBC Orangestuff 9000 Series Brake Pads have been designed to provide optimal performance for extended race use. These particular pads operate best when the highest temperatures are reached. These pads have been made with a pre-scorched surface which allows for a fast bedding process. These brake pads are also effective from the cold which does make them street usable if needed. These would be considered to be a more aggressive brake pad when compared to the EBC Yellowstuff brake pads. 

These pads are combined with the BSD Series Sport V-Slotted Brake Rotors to provide the ultimate in stopping power. These rotors feature a unique blade slot design which helps remove hot gasses from the braking zone to promote faster cooling for spirited driving conditions. This new slot design helps keep the brake pads flatter and it helps keep the brakes cooler when compared to a traditional uni-directional slotted rotor. 

Please note that with the Orangestuff brake pads require a bedding-in process since this is more of a trackpad. Steady braking with stops from 60 to 30MPH for around 15 cycles would help for the first bedding followed by 4-6 heavier stops to really allow heat to build up in the pads. The pads MUST cool fully overnight. For track bedding, drive two laps at moderate speed while braking intermittently. Then drive two more laps with heavier braking while coasting to a stop then allow the pads to fully cool. 

This particular kit is for the front location.