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EBC Brakes S5 Front Brake Kit Yellowstuff Pads and 3GD Rotors Subaru STi 2004 (S5KF1110)

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This is the EBC Brakes S5 Front Brake Kit that includes a set of 3GD Front Brake Rotors, and a set of Yellowstuff Street and Track Front Brake Pads. 

The EBC 3GD Series Sport Rotors are a performance oriented type of rotor designed for high-performance vehicles that need the cooling capabilities for track use or spirited driving conditions. On the surface of the rotor, you will see that it has been designed with both a drilled and slotted pattern. The dimple drilled holes absorb both heat and pad dust and repel them through the veins of the rotor, while the slots wipe the surface of the pad clean to provide an optimal contact patch under braking while additionally repelling heat and dust. EBC was an innovator of dimple drilling because this method allows the rotor to allow the pad to degassing without  "through drilling" found in other drilled rotor designs which promotes cracking.

When combined with the Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads, you get significant improvements in braking performance. EBC classifies the Yellowstuff Brake Pads as the fastest street, race, and drift racing brake pads available in their catalog. These brake pads feature a high friction formula that improves brake efficiency by 30%. Other qualities include zero brake fade and these particular pads are capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake "fall off". These are suitable for street use as well because they do not require any warm-up sessions. They perform just as well as stock pads when cold, yet they deliver adequate stopping power for track or spirited driving conditions. 

In conclusion, the S5 Front Brake Kit is suitable for the street, but more intended for those of you who use your vehicles for more spirited driving conditions. This means that you can take your vehicle to the local autocross or HPDE track event and this kit will perform well enough on the track without being too harsh for the drive home.