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EBC Brakes S2 Front Brake Kit Greentuff 2000 and USR Rotors Subaru Models (inc. 2005-2012 Legacy GT / Forester XT 2013+) (S2KF1149)

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This is the EBC Brakes S2 Front Brake Kit that includes a set of USR Series Sport Slotted Front Brake Rotors, and a set of Greenstuff Front Brake Pads. 

The USR Series Sport Slotted Front Brake Rotors are a high-performance oriented brake rotor that is precision machined from high-grade gray iron to exacting standards where they undergo extensive testing and arduous quality control before getting approval for consumer acquisition. If you have a vehicle that makes a considerable amount of power, then slotted rotors improve braking performance as the slots in the design wipe the face of the rotor clean to expel brake residue and hot gasses generated from the pad to produce efficient braking at all times.

The Greenstuff Front Brake Pads are EBC's "sport" version which means that they offer better performance for daily driving duties without the aggressiveness when compared to track dedicated pads such as the Yellowstuffs or the Orangestuffs. This is a medium dust fast street pad with a 15% brake improvement when compared to the stock brake pads. Additionally, the Greenstuff pads have been crafted using quality materials that are not too hard on the USR rotors and have a softer compound to provide an improved pedal feel for better driver feedback, and they offer excellent performance for lighter vehicles at lower speeds. The result is a medium dust material with a great lifespan with minimal rotor wear. 

When combined, you get rotors that are good enough for high-spirited driving conditions and a quality brake pad that is great for the street. This is definitely a nice upgrade especially if you are int he market for a quality set of brakes to replace your factory units.