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EBC Brakes S12 Rear Brake Kit Redstuff Pads and RK Rotors Subaru Models (inc. 2003-2005 WRX / 2003-2008 Forester)

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When it's time to perform maintenance on your braking system, and you are looking for quality OEM replacement components, then you will be pleased with the EBC Brakes S12 Rear Kit. This particular kit contains all of the major components to restore your vehicle's braking performance so you can safely drive your car on the street. 

Included with this kit are the Ultimax Rear Brake Rotors which are manufactured using strict quality control methods to ensure that both quality and safety are held to the highest standard. EBC sources their materials from proven OEM manufacturer vendors to ensure that the components are built to the highest German TUV authorities. Before being released for consumer acquisition, the EBC rotors are checked making sure they are 100% in dimension and are within spec which includes element analysis and surface finish. 

Combined with Redstuff Ceramic Pads, you will have significant braking improvement over your OEM system. The Redstuff pads deliver 15% better braking performance when compared to the OEM pads and feature a low dust count, and they are capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake "fall off". These pads also feature EBC's red "brake in" surface coating for instant safe braking once installation is complete. 

Sold as a complete kit for the rear location.

FITMENT NOTE: For all 02/03 WRX owners, please verify pad fitment before purchase. There was a rear caliper design change mid production year. This will be determined by the BUILD DATE (not model year), which is found on the VIN plate in the driver’s side door jam.

This style of pad is confirmed for all WRX models with a date of 01/03 and later. For all cars with 10/02-12/02, you will need to verify by comparing to your existing pad shape to our online photos.

For any questions about what pads you need, please reach out to us!