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EBC Brakes S11 Front Brake Kit Greenstuff 2000 and RK Rotors Subaru Models (inc. 2005-2012 Legacy GT / 2014-2016 Forester XT) (S11KF1238)

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When it's time to perform maintenance on your braking system, and you are looking for quality OEM replacement components, then you will be pleased with the EBC Brakes S11 Front Kit. This particular kit contains all of the major components to restore your vehicle's braking performance so you can safely drive your car on the street. 

Included with this kit are the Ultimax Front Brake Rotors which are manufactured using strict quality control methods to ensure that both quality and safety are held to the highest standard. EBC sources their materials from proven OEM manufacturer vendors to ensure that the components are built to the highest German TUV authorities. Before being released for consumer acquisition, the EBC rotors are checked making sure they are 100% in dimension and are within spec which includes element analysis and surface finish. 

To go with the rotors, EBC includes a set of Greenstuff 2000 Series Front Brake Pads. This particular pad delivers a 15% braking improvement when compared to stock brake pads without the aggressiveness of the EBC Yellowstuffs or the Orangestuffs. This is a great brake pad that is suitable for daily driving conditions for those of you who want a quality high-performance brake pad that you can be satisfied with. These are ECO-friendly brake pads that are ERC 90 approved and they make for a cost-effective brake pad for most vehicles. EBC crafted these brake pads using safe friction materials that contain zero fibers which makes for a cleaner and less aggressive pad that will be less harsh on cast iron style rotors. 

Sold as a complete kit for the front location.