Cusco Increased Capacity Rear Differential Cover Blue R180 2004+ STI


692 008 AL


Cusco is one of the pioneering companies based out of Japan that has invested countless hours of research, design, and engineering to develop quality suspension and performance products that will improve your driving experience. Some of the fasted cars around the world who compete in time attack, time trials, and other racing avenues will more than likely have a Cusco product on their car.

You are looking at the beautiful Cusco Increased capacity Rear Differential Cover for the R180. This particular differential cover is a direct replacement of your factory rear differential cover, and some of the features include an increased oil capacity, as well as internal baffling and extra provisions for those of you who want to add an external differential oil cooler. This cover has been made with quality billet aluminum materials and will come anodized in Cusco's flagship blue color for extra protection.

This is a great option for those of you who participate in high-performance driving conditions where the rear differential will experience more heat such as an auto-x event or a weekend track day. Additionally, it's going to look super cool once it's installed. 

Here are more details:

-Recommended for circuit & aggressive driving
-400cc increased oil capacity
-Factory: 0.8~0.9L (±0.05L) oil capacity
-Cusco: 1.2~1.3L (±0.05L) oil capacity
-Heat sinks promote enhanced cooling features
-Billet anodized aluminum highly durable
-Pre-tapped M16 x P1.5 holes for external oil cooler
-Hole plugs included (4qty)
-Oil drain adapter fitting not included
-Fits all 2004+ WRX STI 6 speed models

This part is special order and may take up to 4 weeks to ship, contact us with any questions.

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