King Engine Rod Bearings 52mm Journal Oversized +.001 WRX/STI 2002-20018 (CR4125XPGSTDX)

King Engine Bearing


Successful race engine builders are constantly pushing the limits of load capacity to new levels. Race bearings today inevitably need to match these demands with more competitive bearings. At King Racing we met the challenge with the XP high performance bearings series. The XP series is a line of bearings with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads. It was developed for all performance applications that use forged steel aftermarket crankshafts and produce high loads for extended periods. King Racing’s XP series features pMax Black™, a unique tri-metal structure that is 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal race bearing. pMax Black™ together with the XP geometric features are the ideal combination for performance racing. For more on King Racing technologies visit TechLab All King Bearings are specifically engineered to withstand the highest loads and RPMs generated by today’s top competition engines.

These bearings have an "X" at the end of the part number because they will provide .001" EXTRA clearance. Always consult with your machine shop before buying bearings to determine which size would be optimal for your proposed use.

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