HKS Hipermax IV SP Coilovers BRZ 2013+ (80250-AT001)



HKS Max IV SP Coilovers are the ultimate for a car with high grip street tires.  These coilovers are designed to give you the most feedback possible so you can feel connected to the road and able to push the car to it's limits on the race track.  While it offers some of the best feedback we've seen, it's also surprisingly confortbale for a daily driver.  
These HKS Coilovers are direct bolt on and feature a single tube damper design.  Each kit comes complete with dust boots and a special PNE coating that provides durability over standard coatings on other coilovers.  This coating helps with easier height adjustment over time since it
ensures the adjustment threads don't get build up.
HKS builds their coilovers to be as light as possible, thinking of every metric of performance.  For most vehicles, the coilover bracket, ride height adjusters and lock nuts are made from high quality lightweight aluminum .
  • Spring Rate Front/Rear N/mm (kgf/mm): F=78 (8)/R=78 (8)
  • Free Height F / R mm: 170/150
  • Front Damping Force Piston Speed 0.1m / sec Damping Force N Rebound / Compression:1000/300
  • Rear Damping Force Piston Speed 0.1m / sec Damping Force N Rebound / Compression:750/250
  • Front Vehicle Height (Highest - Lowest): -19 (0- -60)
  • Rear Vehicle Height (Highest - Lowest): -21 (0- -53)
  • 30 Step Damping Force Adjustment
  • Single Tube Damper Design
  • Dust Boot
  • PNE Coating

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