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Boomba Racing Stage 2 Oil Catch Can Kit (PCV) WRX 2015+ (031-00-026)

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This catch can kit features a machined billet aluminum can that successfully collects oil and moisture that passes through your vacuum system to prevent harmful buildup that can enter your intake system which can cause carbon build-up, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria! Other features of this particular catch can include the ability to hold 350ml of liquid and it has a 2-step outlet filtration system. Servicing is easy with an NPT drain plug, and you can check the levels of this catch can with a built-in sight window.

This system has been designed to be easily installed, and easily serviced. The provided mounting bracket makes installing and removing the catch can simple while servicing your vehicle. It has been designed with a two-stage outlet to ensure that the oil within the vapor going through the can is trapped. 

Additionally, this kit will be used on the factory PCV vacuum system.

Note that the catch can in this kit will come in an anodized finish for extra protection against corrosion, and to provide a cooler look to the engine bay. And the required hose, brackets, clamps, and hardware will be provided to make this catch can ready for the installation.