SteamSpeed STX 67 Turbo 8cm WRX 2002-07/STI 2004+ (SUB-STX67-8P)

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If your goal is to make upwards of 400WHP with a stock location turbocharger, then you will be happy to know more about the Steamspeed STX 67 8cm Turbocharger. Steamspeed turbochargers utilizes the best in advanced compressor and turbine aerodynamics with OE manufacturing methods to bring you a turbocharger that is reliable and will deliver on performance. 

The STX line of turbochargers feature a billet compressor wheel along with the latest generation of 11-blade billet compressor wheel along with a low-inertia 9-blade turbine that has been designed to decrease spool time and improves boost response and is good enough to make upwards to 4500WHP with supporting modifications. 

This is a 47 lbs/min stock-location turbocharger that comes with an adjustable wastegate which will allow the user to hit target boost numbers, and this turbocharger has a CHRA built thrust bearing to sustain high boost levels.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a stock location turbocharger that has fast spooling characteristics and can make upwards of 400WHP, then the Steamspeed STX 67 8cm will deliver the performance and the results that are suitable for the weekend track day, or the occasional spirited drive. 


Brand: SteamSpeed
Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
Cartridge: SteamSpeed
Exhaust Housing Size: 8cm
Fitment: OEM
Gaskets Included: Yes
Inlet Size: OEM
Oil Line Included: Yes
Ported Turbine Housing: No
Rated Horsepower: 350-400 WHP
Scroll: Single
Wastegate: Internal
Mfgr. Warranty: 6 Months