Tomei ARMS M8265 Turbocharger STI 2004+ (173024)



Tomei has created a new line of turbos for the Subaru EJ20/25 using the years of knowledge and first hand experience.  They have spent the last few years investing time and money to develop what most Subaru owners want in turbos.  Tomei has bench tested various blades designs, housings, and actuator to develop what they believe to be the best bolt on turbo kit for bottom mount setups.  All this researched has lead to the creation of 2 turbos to fit this request: the M8270 turbo is for big power with slight lag & the M7760 for max response.

This turbo come as a complete kit for the Subaru EJ20/25. They're a direct bolt-on for stock engine setup, such as stock exhaust manifold, side-mount intercooler, stock intake, stock hotpipe, and factory oil/water connections. 
This turbo has the potential to deliver 450PS with the stock layout; from 4000RPM upwards is where peak power comes in. This Turbo's special characteristics will really show when added engine tuning and internal upgrades are done.