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COBB Tuning Subaru Stage 2 + Big SF Power Package Titanium Resonated Subaru WRX 2015+ (SUB004RW2PTI)

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Here, you are looking at the COBB Tuning Stage 2+ Power Package. COBB Tuning has pieced together an all-in-one package that makes it easy for the enthusiast to have the right modifications ready in a package without having to source out the parts individually. Once installed, you will notice the dramatic improvements in sound, power, and performance. 




  • COBB TUNING V3 ACCESSPORT - Provides the tuner with simple ECU flashing with a full-color high-resolution screen to monitor a variety of parameters with available off-the-shelf maps to accommodate future modifications
  • COBB TUNING TITANIUM CAT-BACK EXHAUST SYSTEM - Super lightweight and made using the finest titanium materials that deliver performance and an aggressive exhaust note
  • COBB TUNING 3-INCH STAINLESS STEEL RESONATED J-PIPE - Designed for maximized flow and performance that replaces the highly restrictive factory unit
  • COBB TUNING SF INTAKE SYSTEM - This intake will remove pre-turbo restriction to allow your turbocharger to breathe easier
  • COBB TUNING SF AIRBOX - Shields the SF Intake System from warm engine bay temperatures and provides as close to ambient temperatures to the intake system as possible
  • COBB TURBO HEAT SHIELD - Contains the heat generated from the turbocharger to greatly reduce the chances of heat soak