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GrimmSpeed TMIC Dyno Duct Subaru WRX 2015+ (090099)

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The Grimmspeed Dyno Duct has been designed to provide sufficient air flow to the surface of the top mount intercooler while your vehicle is getting dyno-tested. Under regular driving conditions, your top mount intercooler gets a sufficient amount of air flow from the street. However, when on a dyno airflow is very limited, and depending on the conditions surrounding your dyno, you could run into issues like heat-soaking your intercooler, the main goal behind this design was to optimize air flow to the intercooler as if your vehicle was being tuned during regular driving conditions. 

Note that this particular duct has been made to specifically fit the Grimmspeed Top mount intercooler, however, it may work with other top mount intercooler designs with or without modification. 

Each duct will feature 6" outlets that have been designed to accept standard HVAC 6" flexible ducting. This type of ducting provides a good level of flexibility and holds its shape to avoid resting on the vehicle. The user can then find a way to adapt the hose to their preferred fan. 

The Grimmspeed Dyno Duct will come in an anodized red finish for extra protection against rust and corrosion.