Process West

Process West was established in 2003. The business has seen continual rapid growth and we now have approximately 95 distributor/resellers worldwide. In April 2012 we moved from our old 180m2 workshop to our brand new 700m2 factory. We specialise in the design, engineering and manufacture of small heat exchange products and other aluminium products for the automotive industry

All Process West products are built with the below simple business building philosophies:

  • “Perfection Without Compromise”
  • “Each product must be best of its type on the market in both performance and fit”

Years of experience in the heat exchanger industry and traveling around the world to various heat exchanger manufacturing plants means that Process West uses only the absolute best available heat exchanger core and manufacturing processes.

We use the latest state of the art tig welding equipment and HAAS CNC vertical milling machines.